replacing glass in aluminium window

Should You Repair or Replace a Glass Window?

Just like any other thing, houses are subject to normal wear and tear, and to maintain the upkeep of it we often change the broken or damaged window. Windows can be replaced by using more [...]

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How to Open Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors

Standard aluminium sliding glass doors aren’t properly secured. In case you lock yourself outside, these doors will offer a great re-entry option. Some sliding doors come with a simple lock mechanism comprising of a small [...]

aluminium sliding patio door

Window Treatment Options For an Aluminium Sliding Glass Door

Opening the curtains to allow sunlight into the indoor space is quite satisfying. It’s the dream of every homeowner to enjoy unobstructed views. However, it’s also important to have privacy. Window treatments make it possible [...]

aluminium hinged door

How to Choose Tracks for an Aluminium Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding doors enjoy a lot of popularity among most property owners. They’re used in both domestic and commercial settings. They’ve been in use for more years than hinged doors. Traditional Aluminium sliding doors had a crude design.