Just like any other thing, houses are subject to normal wear and tear, and to maintain the upkeep of it we often change the broken or damaged window.

Windows can be replaced by using more eco-friendly materials like aluminium instead of PVC on the frames. As environmental awareness has increased in today’s time, more and more people are opting for companies like Action Glass & Aluminium to repair their glass windows.

glass repair experts replacing windows in a sydney home


What does the situation demand: Replace or Repair?

Well, whether to repair or to replace a window is subject to many factors. It depends on the kind of issues you are facing with your window structures. We at Innovative Aluminium & Glass strive to solve all your window-related problems and provide you with the best suggestions at hand.

So, let’s see what the major issues one faces with their windows are?


Window is Leaking

It is very common for window seals to become loose and allow the entry of water into the insides of your house.

Some window leaks are also possible due to the wearing out of the window exterior case. This situation calls for replacing the windows entirely.


Window Glass is Broken

Some of the broken single-paned windows can be repaired easily with minimum cost to incur. But some may need an overall replacement. We offer various suitable and affordable options for you to choose from.


Window Frame is Broken

Both metal and non-metal supports like timber deteriorate as time passes by. On the one hand, metal supports when exposed to moisture start to rust away, and decay, while on the other hand, materials like timber also start having a crack in their structures. Both of the situations call for a window replacement as it is more cost-effective than repairing them.


Multiple Problems, One-Stop Solution!

If you want to Fastrack the repair or replacement of your windows due to any of the above conditions or renovate your home and install modernized window structures, do not wait.

Give Action Glass & Aluminium a chance to serve you. Contact us at (012) 374 1913 to get to know us better!